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January 7th, 2014

phish-oswego-99 (1 of 1)

Camp Oswego July 99
Me,Ed D.,James M., and Brian C.

Long before Lyme disease, moldy houses, employees, mortgages, WordPress or even my lovely wife…. there was PHISH! and all the good times that went with it. Here’s us having too much fun in Oswego, NY in 1999. This photo is showing signs of wear and needed to be fed to the internet for longevity, so here it is.

If I remember correctly shortly after this was taken, I was offered $200 cash for my steal your face tank top. I politely declined, but the interested party decided they were going to take it whether I liked it or not. Thanks to Ed D and his intervention, I still have it. Ed’s a good guy to have on your side when you’re walking around Shakedown Street.

Everyone in this photo I believe is alive and accounted for. Except for the Paradise Blue Tacoma on the left, which met it’s watery end in Lake Bomosseen that winter.

Photo Credit Katie Mae

4 Responses to Simpler Times

  1. Granpa says:

    Was glad to see your “lovely wife” at our last family reunion.

  2. Jake Van Epps says:

    That is freaking classic!

  3. tressan says:

    Best. Pic. Ever.

  4. Susan says:

    Sweet boy of mine XOXO

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