Than and Princess Leah

May 31st, 2011

An old friend of Than Durgin’s stumbled across my post and sent this great picture of them.

I would say that Than was one of my best friends during my childhood. We snowboarded a lot. He taught me how in the backyard of his Danby, VT house. We romped through the woods a lot as kids. He was a great person. I can’t think of a single person that did not like Than. Our families spent a lot of time together during the summers and holidays.

He came to FSU for one semester and then we kind of fell out of touch as he was up north and I was down here.

I have some pictures, I’ll try and locate them. Here is one of us with Princess Leah. We were always doing crazy stuff and getting kicks out of the little things. As you can see, his classic smile is on full display.

Appreciate the website,


Man what a smile…

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